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Dr. Faith Mueni Musyoka

Name: Dr. Faith Mueni Musyoka
Title/Qualification: Dr.
Position: Lecturer
Department: Mathematics Computing and Information Technology
School:   Pure and Applied Sciences
Area of Specialization:  Information Technology
Contact Address: P.O. BOX 6 – 60100 Embu, Kenya
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Short Biography

Dr Faith Mueni Musyoka is a holder of Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology from Kabarak University, Kenya, Master of Science in Information Technology and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science both from Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology, Kenya. Dr. Faith is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, Computing and Information Technology University of Embu, Kenya. She has served as a Tutorial Fellow for two years at the same institution. Dr. Faith has previously worked as an Assistant Lecturer at Gretsa University, Kenya.
Dr. Faith Mueni Musyoka has research interest in the application of Internet of Things Technology in addressing health challenges. She has developed a solution on detection of blood pressure fluctuations using smart arm watches and then triggering alerts to caregivers then, conducted the evaluation on the solution. Other research interests include; Software Quality and Software Metrics.

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