Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Dr. Cyrus Gitonga Ngari Publications

Publications in Journals:

  1. Akelo, J. G., Ngari, Cyrus G. (2018) Socioeconomic Impact of Establishment of University of Embu on Small Scale Farmers in Nthambo Sub-Location, Kenya
    Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics 2(1): 1-15
  2. Ngari, Cyrus G. (2018). Modelling Vaccination and Treatment of Childhood Pneumonia and Their Implications. Science Domain International.
  3. A deterministic model for Kenya Domestic Radicalization Incorporating Rehabilitation centers, putting religion into perspective: Published in Academic Journal of Applied Mathematics sciences
  4. Modeling influence tribal coalitions in Kenya Presidential politics, A case Study of Kikuyu-Kalenjin versus Luo-Kamba: Published on the link http://sciencedomain.org/issue/1781
  5. A Simple model for the ethnic, sub ethnic, clan and religion based politics in Kenya presidential elections: Published on the link http://www.ikpress.org/issue/694
  6. Modeling Scramble for other tribes votes by the three main  tribal voting blocs in Kenya Presidential elections: Published on the link http://www.ikpress.org/issue/702
  7. Numerical simulation of the deterministic model of the under-five year’s pneumonia in Kenya, Published on the link http://www.ikpress.org/issue/648
  8. Estimated numerical results for the deterministic model of the under five years pneumonia in Kenya, Published on the link http://www.ikpress.org/issue/647
  9. Analytical model for childhood pneumonia, a case study of Kenya, Published on the link http://sciencedomain.org/issue/1405
  10. Ngari, C. G., Malonza, D. M., & Muthuri, G. G. (2014). A model for childhood Pneumonia.Published on the link: www.asianonlinejournals.com.
  11. Grace Gakii Muthuri, David Malonza and Cyrus Gitonga Ngari,(2016), tuberculosis model, a case study of tigania west, Kenya, Journal of Disease and Global Health.

Presentation of Papers at Academic and Professional Conferences

  1. 12th June 2017-16th June 2017, Participated in Second Kenyatta University Workshop On Mathematical Modelling, 2017 at Kenyatta University
  2. 2nd November 2016-4th June 2016, Attended and presented an academic paper in the 2nd DeKUT International Conference on Science, Technology, Innovation and Enterprenuership at Dedan Kimathi University University of Technology
  3. 16th June 2015-19th June 2015, Presented a paper on “a simple model for childhood pneumonia dynamics in Kenyatta Univesity Mathematical conference at Kenyatta Univesity.
  4. 1st September 2014-5th September 2014, Participated in the International School on Mathematical Epidemiology at Strathmore University.
  5. 17th June 2013-21 st June 2013, Participated in First Kenyatta University On Mathematical Modelling, 2013 at Kenyatta University.

Review of Academic Journal papers

  • 2017, Reviewed a manuscript in Journal of Applied Science and Technology in SCIENCEDOMAIN INTERNATIONAL certificate Ref. No: SDI/HQ/PR/Cert/37681
  • 18/3/2017, Reviewed a manuscript in British Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science in SCIENCEDOMAIN INTERNATIONAL certificate Ref. No: SDI/HQ/PR/Cert/2017/BJMCS/32630